At Alpha Foods Co., our passion is pizza, and we are passionate about serving superior quality pizzas to children across the U.S.A. Alpha Foods Co. is dedicated to manufacturing pizzas for the K-12 industry, and we are thankful for your partnership! Alpha Foods Co. manufactures outstanding pizzas for the K-12 school segment that meet the nutritional needs of school districts while pleasing school children across America. We are delighted to provide a wide variety of delicious pizzas that students love and enjoy eating which are proven to increase student participation in your lunch program. Alpha Foods Co.’s reputation as an industry leader stems from our dedication to manufacturing trusted brands for school districts with consistency and unmatched quality while providing impeccable customer service.

Alpha Foods Co. actively partners and maintains memberships with School Nutrition Associations across the country and supports the dedicated school nutrition professionals in promoting quality products and availability of school meal programs. The Company’s support is evident through its memberships and participation in Local, State and National School Nutrition Conferences, Industry Conferences, Commodity Food Shows and USDA Food Workshops. Our memberships in these Associations for School Nutrition organizations offer opportunities to share ideas and experiences with other industry professionals across the country while assisting to raise the level of performance and service to children throughout the states.

As an awarded pizza manufacturer of numerous School District, State, Regional and National RFPs, Bids, Solicitations and Procurement Contracts, Alpha Foods Co. manufactures pizzas to supply to various Education Service Center Food Purchasing Co-operatives, Independent School Districts, State Procurement Departments, and Regional and National Food Purchasing Co-operatives. Alpha Foods Co. has secured contract awards directly and also through commercial distribution channels and sells its pizzas through national and regional foodservice distributors and on a direct to district warehouse basis.


Please contact Alpha Foods Co. to schedule student tastings, request samples and/or for additional product information.