Texas Farm Fresh Network

Alpha Foods Co. is a member of the Texas Department of Agriculture’s (TDA) Farm Fresh Network and proud to connect Texas children with local products. Farm Fresh Network members, such as Alpha Foods, offer a wide variety Texas produced pizzas to Texas school districts. Alpha Foods Co.’s partnership with TDA connects young Texans with healthy pizzas and supports local economies by keeping child nutrition dollars in Texas. Eating Texas products like Alpha Foods’ Pizzas in school meals is an avenue for young Texans to discover about healthy lifestyles and good nutrition.

Texas Farm Fresh Network members are providing local Texas products into local cafeterias which help boost the economy and ensure that children are served nutritious, quality products from right here at home!

Sourcing from local producers ensures school districts get the freshest products guaranteed to enhance meal appeal in their cafeterias.

Texas Farm Fresh Network

Texas Farm Fresh

TDA Farm Fresh Network Member Alpha Foods Co.