Co-Manufacturing / Private Label

As a SQF certified, state of the art, USDA pizza manufacturing facility, Alpha Foods Co. has many years of experience and extensive knowledge of manufacturing frozen pizzas.

Alpha Foods Co.’s high-capacity retail pizza lines capabilities include:

Available Capacity

Alpha Foods Co. has available capacity to co-manufacturer and/or private label your pizzas. Contact us today to learn more about these opportunities

R & D

Alpha Foods Co.’s Research and Development team is first in class. We take pride in quickly adapting to the ever-changing needs of our customers to stay on trend and offer speed to market.

Custom Formulations

Alpha Foods Co.’s experienced team can customize your pizza formulations to meet and exceed your expectations.


Let Alpha Foods Co. assist in the development and commercialization of your private label pizzas from start to finish with our turnkey capabilities.


High speed, tightly overwrapped pizzas ensure the products are fresh and food safe for your consumers.

Automated Cartoning

Automated box erectors and precise cartooning capabilities available in a variety of sizes to meet your requirements.

To learn more about our Co-Manufacturing / Private Label capabilities