USDA Foods Processor

Alpha Foods Co. is a nationally approved processor of USDA Foods and maintains State Participation Agreements (SPAs) with State Distributing Agencies throughout the country. Processing USDA Foods into Alpha Foods Co’s fully topped pizzas and component kits yields substantial monetary savings and convenient center-of-the-plate pizza menu solutions for school districts. Recipient Agencies use their donated food entitlement dollars to purchase donated foods for use in student meals served in their school districts under the National School Lunch Program. Recipient Agencies divert WBSCM USDA Foods Material Code 110244, Cheese Mozzarella Low Moisture Part Skim Unfrozen Processor Pack to Alpha Foods Co. for further processing into a variety of delicious pizzas manufactured by Alpha Foods Co. 

VALUE PASS THROUGH METHODS available from Alpha Foods Co. include:

  1. Net Off Invoice (NOI)
  2. Refund or Rebate
  3. Direct Discount
  4. Fee For Service

Alpha Foods Co. has aligned with  ProcessorLink, a highly specialized banking system that enables tracking for the USDA commodity processing program. ProcessorLink provides an effective process for recording sales transactions reported by distributors and enabling Recipient Agencies to review and record each transaction’s accuracy through a variety of different mediums. Participation in the Net Off Invoice program for purchases through distribution requires that Recipient Agencies verify related sales transactions electronically which may be accomplished though ProcessorLink. Frequenting ProcessorLink allows Recipient Agencies to review their commodity mozzarella cheese balances at Alpha Foods Co. and track their mozzarella cheese usage to ensure balances are drawn down timely and fully utilized during the current school year.

Alpha Foods Co. SY2324 SEPDS

Alpha Foods Co. USDA Diversion Calculator


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